Thursday, December 2, 2010


Te Amo by Mad Ice, Filmed & directed by Charlie Harjulin in Helsinki,Finland november 2010. "Lyrically romantic, melodically addictive but yet simple. Te Amo is Mad Ice's new single from his upcoming EP in Afro-soul. Written in Swahili and English with a tri-lingual chorus of three simple phrases

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hands Across the World - ONE8 (official track)

I’m reaching out to the poor people

The sick and the alone

I’m reaching out to the fortunate who can build their own homes

I’m reaching out to the ones who seems to have lost their way

And I’m calling on all the ones who can show them a brighter day

I believe if you believe then we can achieve anything

So lift your voice and give it everything

Now let you’re your heart sing

Africa to America........

WEEZY Writes One Last Letter

Lil Wayne releases his final letter to fans the day he gets released from Rikers Island:

Letter #10: The End of a Long Journey

Hello world! My world! Our world!

As I greet you all in my last days on this island, I must reflect. I think back to when I first arrived and I had no clue of what I’d be experiencing. I was never scared, worried, nor bothered by the situation. For that, I thank God, my family, and you, my amazing fans. I prayed for you all every night, as I’m aware that I was in your prayers as well. The very first day that I received mail, it was about 300 pieces or more! I smiled like a child of Christmas. But when I began to read them, my heart smiled. I laughed with some of you, reasoned with some of you, and even cried with some of you. I responded to as many of you that time would allow. I plan to keep reading and responding after my release. I thank you all for being so very supportive, as I never imagined how much impact my words and life can have. With this knowledge, I vow to continue to be me! For you have assured time that I don’t have to change for no one but God. I will be the same Martian I was when I left, just better. You fans are more than amazing, and I will for to the end of the world for your love. This isn’t the last of I will continue to thank you when I’m home.

I simple LOVE you all.

P.S. Thanx for supporting my YM team the way you do!!

Now I like to thank my wonderful family and friends for never letting me down. Your love and support is worth the world. I am grateful for you all and I couldn’t have done it without your love. Also, I thank everyone who came to visit me. That shit meant a lot, straight up! I would do the same, if not more for you.

Now I must dedicated something to the woman in the picture…

…sitting on this bed with my back against one of the four walls I’ve been confined to, all I can think of is you. Staring at you staring at me, from the picture of you that I see. I try so hard to make the picture smile. You look so serious. Seriously beautiful. You, me, we are one. Then I look further to the right and there’s a picture of “the bed by the water”… where I dream to be with the woman in the picture that still won’t smile. I sometimes talk to the picture, but it never responds. Although, I’ve been told that a picture speaks a thousands words, I only wish that this picture would speak of four… “I love you too.” That would be the perfect response to what I frequently say to it. You see, the picture of “the bed by the water” has sand in it, and the woman in the other picture has sand in her hair… put them together, and she’s there. And when I dream, I’m there with her. Shhh… quietly these four walls become that place in the picture. And the woman in the picture begins to whisper… “I love you too”… she responds!

And now she smiles. Imagination is perfect.

Dedicated to the woman in the picture.



RankNamePay ($mil)Money RankTV/Radio RankPress RankWeb RankSocial RankCategory
1Oprah Winfrey315115511Personalities
2Beyonce Knowles8711913215Musicians
3James Cameron21022192081Directors/Producers
4Lady Gaga622213411Musicians
5Tiger Woods1057763534Athletes
6Britney Spears6420152432Musicians
8Sandra Bullock56256211762Actresses
9Johnny Depp751434221621Actors
11Simon Cowell801220204664Personalities
12Taylor Swift453882783Teen stars
13Miley Cyrus48321726620Teen stars
14Kobe Bryant483222162122Athletes
15Jay-Z632145292326Hip-hop impresario
16Black Eyed Peas483242361837Musicians
17Bruce Springsteen701648324748Musicians
18Angelina Jolie207619301041Actresses
19Rush Limbaugh58.52310454178Personalities
20Michael Jordan552638313827Athletes
21Dr. Phil McGraw80123689445Personalities
22Steven Spielberg100871404977Directors/Producers
23Ellen DeGeneres55263158505Personalities
24David Letterman45383253376Personalities
25Tyler Perry125456768236Directors/Producers
26Jennifer Aniston276740412274Actresses
28LeBron James434523113931Athletes
29Roger Federer43452814413Athletes
30Brad Pitt207625151273Actors
31Floyd Mayweather651947627752Athletes
32Michael Bay120590717097Directors/Producers
33Donald Trump503026575975Personalities
34Jay Leno35542282965Personalities
36David Beckham444364103119Athletes
37Jerry Seinfeld751451808689Comedians
39Howard Stern701657926384Personalities
40Jonas Brothers35.5533256157Teen stars
41Tom Hanks453849444246Actors
42George Lucas951094816782Directors/Producers
43Glenn Beck355412502839Personalities
44Ryan Seacrest512941837514Personalities
45Phil Mickelson463724198890Athletes
46Ben Stiller532872616823Actors
47Jerry Bruckheimer100894888994Directors/Producers
48Cristiano Ronaldo3651972198Athletes
49Alex Rodriguez365111147383Athletes
50Robert Pattinson17865337768Actors

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